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SocialSwingThing – The Adult Social Media Site. Adult chat, Adult Dating, and Online Adult Entertainment, the way it should be. Worldwide all adult adult chat and live stream network.

The Adult Social Media

Here, we provide an online adult entertainment site for all sexually like minded adults. We have adult chat, adult dating, live stream models, dancers and entertainers also sell personal photos and videos to help the loss of income while most of the major clubs are closed.

Above all, we provide the customer a safe space to express their sexuality in a fun new way. Customers also have access to 50 states of adult businesses and club deals and VIP discounts.

People who use this platform get to enjoy sexually like minded people as we have integrated our platform to group sexual preferences to cater to the users liking. Full of private and public groups to post and chat in, this is the adult social media site you’ve been looking for.

Lastly, our goal is to provide businesses a place to have more affordable advertising and provide them with a new customer base of like minded adults that can help give the much needed revenue businesses need to survive this pandemic.

This is the adult social media like no other.

“An Adult Social Media site Built By Dancers and Entertainers, Helping the Community Keep our Nightlife Alive! models live stream and get payouts in multiple ways!”

Our Goals

One of our goal is to have this platform give the ability to help people earn extra cash and help sustain their families during hard times. In addition we want to provide a safe form of online adult entertainment and chat fun for everyone to enjoy from the privacy of their own home. Along with these we are able to help advertise adult clubs and businesses at a low cost to help keep the nightlife alive. Currently, a list of nightclubs, strip clubs , swingers clubs, adult entertainment events and popular bars through the United States is being compiled. This will be slowly added to the site to ensure the bar or club hasn’t closed and is open for business.

  • Site Reliability
  • Customer Service
  • Site Speed (New VPS)
  • Total Cam Models (looking to hire)
  • LGBTQ Friendly

Find New Nightlife / online Adult Entertainment and V.I.P. Deals

Our Future

adult social media

Credits function added for more adult entertainment

Gearing up for appstore devolopment

Adding Cloud Based Storage for all Media


Expanded Chat Functionality with Advanced features

The Adult Social Media

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